Brain* is Software Framework designed to host, manage, visualize and mine large collection of confocal microscopy images. Brain* is currently online with three data collections hosting atlases of the drosophila larva  (, adult drosophila ( and zebrafish. ( It is providing customized tools to access, visualize, explore and mine the data in BrainBase.

A Historical Note: The framework has been originally developed in context of  VT and enhancer trap Gal4 lines of adult drosophila generated by Barry Dickson and his group over several years at the Institute of Molecular Pathology Vienna. The public part of the VT Line Instance of  BrainBase provides access to 12 000 images and around 120 identified neurons annotated on a subset of these images. The internal part managed the whole lab image collection during the acquisition process providing instant access spatial image content even in a dynamically growing collection of up to 55.000 3D images.  The database has been taken offline by IMP in June 2018. We are working on getting it back online on a VRVis server during Summer - equipped with the new webinterface! - Donations to support our efforts to keep the VT line collection alive are welcome!

BrainBaseWeb and BrainGazer are the two available user interfaces to BrainBase

Special Features