Brain* 2.0

To catch up with recent developments of web technology and modern data management techniques we re-implemented large parts of the back- and frontends of Brain*. We are now technologically future proof, modular, configuralble and come with a much more modern and userfriendly interface. The new webinterface provides interactive webbased 2D and 3D rendering and spatial queries in the web - without the need of BrainGazer.


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BrainGazer 3.3.4 Released

We have just released a new version of BrainGazer including Spatial Structure Queries ! This release includes also an alpha version of BrainGazer for MacOS.

A short video is showing how the new Structure Queries work (Capture using the new Mac Version). If you like to know more details about structure queries, we recommend you to read the related publications.  

The workflow for Spatial Queries has slightly changed in comparison to the previous version: Now a structure is marked first by a general brush and the type of spatial query is chosen afterwards. This allows you also to submit a query with the same query pattern several times  - just select the pattern by clicking on it either in the viewport or in the workspace and choose the query type. 

The BrainGazer workspace has also changed slightly: Tabs allow you to filter your content by specific item types - this is especially useful if you have larger lists to manage. 

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