The Light Way to Explore the Fruit Fly Circuit

BrainBaseWeb is the primary user interface to efficiently browse and retrieve confocal microscopy data and related annotated anatomical structures of the fruit fly from BrainBase. BrainBaseWeb provides several task-centred semantic and interactive query options:

  • Search images by line (Line Search)
  • Search by staining profile in neuropils (Anatomical Search)
  • Search by name or identifier (Semantic Search)
  • BrainBase Query Language (BQL) using a controlled vocabulary
  • The "Advanced Search" realizes a set of specialized query interfaces, like neuron similarity search, advanced image staining profile search
  • 2D and 3D previews
  • Heatmap generation of arborization overlaps.
  • Workspace to collect data during your session and to export it in Excel format.

You can find the documentation of BrainBaseWeb on the help page included in BrainBaseWeb.

BrainBaseWeb Screenshot