Interactive Tool for Advanced Visualization and Exploration of Neural Circuit Data


BrainGazer is not yet publicly available. Please contact us if you are interested in testing BrainGazer.

BrainGazer is a desktop application extending the mainly semantic query interface of BrainBaseWeb by an interactive visualization and visual query interface. BrainBaseWeb is an integrated part of BrainGazer. Thus BrainBaseWeb query results can be directly imported into BrainGazers Workspace and any Query started within BrainGazer will be displayed in BrainBaseWeb.

BrainGazer provides:

Interactive high quality 3D visualization

We are currently supporting interactive direct rendering of up to 4 confocal microscopy images and hundreds of neuronal structures at once in a single viewport. You can open several viewports side by side to compare images side by side or to load images and neurons related to of different templates. The number of 3D viewports is only restricted by the available memory in your graphics card

Direct spatial query possibilities on images and neurons

Brush in 3D on a structure of interest on any loaded confocal image and get an immediate response if there are images with overlapping or similar expressions or annotated neurons and names of neuropils at the marked locations. Select a loaded arborization or neuropil and immediately find images with high or similar shaped staining in that region or any overlapping neuro.

Compare your own images to images in the database and use them as query input to mine for related images in BrainBase.

We provide the possibility to register your image data to the IMP template and load it into BrainGazer. This image can be then be used to initialize spatial queries to find e.g. images with similar expression patterns.

Create comprehensive interactive maps of overlapping neuronal structures using the award winning tool neuroMap.

neuroMap helps you to understand where neuron and how much arborizations overlap.

Create images and movies for your publications

BrainGazer allows you to easily make screenshots and even to create storyboards and to make movies of 3D scenes.

BrainGazer Screenshot