The BrainBase database, the web application BrainBaseWeb and the desktop application BrainGazer is the result of several joint projects by the Dickson Group (at this time at Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) and the Biomedical Visualization Group (Katja Bühler) at the Research Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization (VRVis), Vienna, Austria.

The first projects started in 2009 and the system is still being improved and extended thanks also to other groups that joint our efforts:

Andrew Straw joint the project in 2014. In 2015 the Thum Lab at University Konstanz, the Merhof Lab at RWTH Aachen and the Bühler Group at VRVis received additional funding from DFG and FWF to extend Brainbase and Braingazer towards larval data.

The same year, the french TEFOR Infrastructure including Arnim Jenett, Francois Rouyer and Philippe Andrey joint the team. 

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please do not hesitate to contact us via braingazer@vrvis.at

The project has been financially supported by IMP, HHMI, CNRS and Tefor and by funding provided by BMVIT, BMWFW, City of Vienna (ZIT), the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) within the scope of the research funding schemes

We also thank the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms and the Database and Artificial Intelligence Group at Vienna University of Technology for their scientific and technological support. BrainGazer is partially based on VolumeShop

The image registration used to generate the brain and VNC templates and to align the Vienna Tiles images available at brainbase.imp.ac.at are based on the Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK). We want to thank Greg Jefferis for his kind support in all questions regarding CMTK.

BrainGazer Team and Collaborators

  Active Team Members Alumni

Katja Bühler, Florian Schulze, Florian Ganglberger, Nicolas Swoboda, Markus Töpfer, Lisa Frauenstein

Jakob Ziller, Martin Trapp, Edith Langer, Johannes Bauer, Florian Deringer, Jiri Hladuvka,  Judith Moosbruner, Veronika Szolteszova, Johannes Sorger, Manuel Schweighofer, Andreas Schöllhuber, Stanislav Jakuschevski

Wulf Haubensak, Karin Panser

Andrew Straw, Laszlo TirianTianxiao Liu, Jai Yu


Barry Dickson

Arnim Jenett, Francois Rouyer, Jean-Stéphane Joly, Philippe Andrey  
Andreas Thum, NN  
Dorit Merhof, Sascha Münzing  
  Stefan Bruckner